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Do we have your attention? ;) 


Would you like to boost your team's work happiness? Then you've come to the right place. 


We believe that satisfied and motivated team members are the driving force behind success.


With this in mind we strive to organize the best company events for you and your team. 

We don´t do copy/paste programs, but like to do things a little differently.


Of course we listen to your needs and create a unique program that will be talked about for a long time.


This is coupled with our local knowledge of the city and its culture!


And believe me, we can learn a lot from the Spaniards. 


We can't wait to share our ideas with you!

By the way, how about a ¨workation¨ with the team? After all, business goes on.
We arrange everything!


Email for more information!


Hasta pronto!

Rafting Team


They say you really get to know your colleagues outside the office. 

Without the daily hustle and bustle demanding your attention. 


But a few days out with the team to Valencia, and you will surely become manager of the year! ;)


But more importantly of course, this will have a huge impact on you as a team.


You may wonder, what can we do in Valencia?


Well, the choice is unlimited!

Make your own wine in a beautiful Spanish bodega and finish with a salsa workshop.


Do you prefer something more sporty? Then a beach volleyball tournament is a great option! With a delicious dinner in the open air at a fantastic location to end the day.


Or would you rather go into the center of Valencia, and make your own paella for lunch?


Feel like going on an adventure with your team and making new discoveries?

Itaca Events Valencia will gladly help you out!

Send us an email to for more information!

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