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Let´s create some memories

We get so much energy from organizing events and tours and are eager to help you.

This is our way of sharing our passion!

Organizing a wedding or corporate event in your own country can be difficult enough and requires time and organizational skills.

In addition, the difference in culture and language barriers can be an additional challenge.

Therefore, it is definitely advisable to ask for help.


Someone who has the right contacts, masters the language and knows how to find the best locations.

And that's us :)

Let us help you have a carefree and unforgettable time in beautiful Valencia!

See you soon! Or in other words, hasta pronto!

Flamenco Dresses

Why should you choose

Itaca Events Valencia?


Itaca Events Valencia was founded by Matías (a Spaniard) and Eva (a Dutchie). It almost sounds like a bad joke haha, a Spaniard and a Dutchie sat in a cafe...;)

But this was serious, two years ago our paths crossed in Valencia!

And it was love at first sight!

We soon discovered that we are both foodies and love wine immensely!


Being foodies in Valencia, we also love being in nature a lot to relax and unwind. And that's how Itaca Events Valencia was born recently!


There is a lot of meaning behind this name for us. Follow us for more info on that!

Let's introduce ourselves!

Eva, born in Rotterdam in September 1985, is crazy about organizing events and has been organizing weddings in Valencia for 9 years (also check out her Facebook and Instagram #despaansebruiloft)

Spain has never really let go of her after many vacations.


The culture, the outdoor life, the friendly people and of course that sun!

And 10 years ago she decided to leave the familiar life in the Netherlands behind and embark on the adventure of building a life in Spain.

Before leaving for Spain, she worked as an Event Manager at Robeco.
There she learned the tricks of the trade and had the opportunity to organize many large international events. So her organizational skills are in good shape ;)


People will describe her as cheerful, pragmatic, open, perfectionist and reliable.

Matías, born in Gran Canaria in June 1984, is a wine connoisseur and commercial man. 


When he was two, he moved with his family from Gran Canaria to Valencia and has lived here his entire childhood. 

After traveling in South America and working in the hotel industry, he eventually settled in a village one hour and a half drive from Valencia, Almansa, where he worked for a bodega (winery) for eight years.


Eventually, a Dutch lady brought him back to Valencia city :)

People describe Matías as sporty, enthusiastic, dedicated and transparent.

PS: His friends also call him the padel master ;)



Matías & Eva

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