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Getting married in Valencia



There are unique wedding venues here where you can say yes to each other.  


For example, have the ceremony in a tropical garden full of palm trees of a traditional Spanish country house

consider a beautiful location overlooking the sea.


How does your ideal location looks like? 

Celebrate love

Have you been together for 5 or 10 years or more?

Have you gone through difficult times and are you ready for a fresh start?



Or do you simply want to continue celebrating the love between you?


Great! Life - and especially love - is meant to be lived as a celebration.

Contact us via Whatsapp and let's create an unforgettable party!

Intimate wedding

Not everyone likes to get married with too many people around.


After all, it really is about the love between you two!


However, you want to make it a bit more special than  just a Monday morning appointment at the town hall?



Contact us for more info!



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